Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sunday 12:44 pm

Starting the downward slope of the day. Just on the cusp. The lip of the falls. The height of day: hot, humid. Grey cloud-cover to trap in the smoke.

One of Ligeti’s etudes, Automne à Varsovie, is the perfect accompaniment to descending. Neither hand knows what the other is doing so flail in minute spirals cataloging a fluttering down. Lightness concealing a darkened interior of possibility or collapse.


En suspens

Coloana infinitå (simply amazing)


Dr. Octagon


I ask her where she is going. Downstairs, she replies. Yes and to do what, I thought to myself

I was thinking to myself

I was singing to myself


from The Farrago Embers

Splintered door

Fallow days

The world needs to be given updates on its performance

Scarlet towel hanging on the back of a white chair with rounded edges

At the height of my encounter I turned into alpine snow

If something is trying to push you into being then push back―
fight to prevent a clumsy entrance


Friday, August 27, 2004

Still Extant

Over one month since my last post. Torpor? Perhaps. Finished a fairly long bit of writing ("Blaze"); I've also spent much time out of the apartment and down the road, comfortably sitting with S.H., imbibing ice cold drinks, and comparing notes on everything from Celine to madness to translators, relationships, books, our respective artistic pursuits, etc. I haven't painted in months. My fallow period. The tension felt when one is "in between things." I thought that I should celebrate this movement rather than be slayed by the unknown that is somewhere "up ahead."

Been listening to Penderecki, Lygeti, as well as Cage's prepared piano sonatas.

Several noteworthy dream, but I'll spare "you" those.

Just finished reading Ezra Mark's recent chapbook, "Intent." Quite good.

Attended the Bangkok Short Film Festival not too long ago. Saw a mind-numbingly boring film.

No music lately, though now I'm looking into purchasing a radio transmitter in order to infest the far right of the dial with live performances, readings, and pre-recorded music once a week. Catch me if you can.