Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Space Bucha

Space Bucha

About a Day

July 17, 2004. I took a boat upriver to record a group of blind musicians who play look thung  songs near the main temple. I also recorded a man singing unaccompanied (I accidentally recorded over it later, unfortunately). Later in the afternoon I filmed a man playing a pin on a pedestrian crossover—he was wearing a glove on his left hand for some reason. That evening I went to About Café for a musical performance featuring Endjoy (a charmingly insane Japanese singer and a guy on laptop making collaged cartoon mayhem—like Plastic Ono Band 2004), C-drek (Dutch laptop maniac in the vein of Psychic TV and a car crash), and Space Bucha (whose guitarist reminded me of Caspar Brotzman or Richie Blackmore, but more “free” in his playing—a laptop guy who was too high in the mix, and a drummer who bored me with his stiff funk beats).  I recorded this as well, but my mic is crap and it sounds like white noise in the worst of ways.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Yen Agat Books

The following YAB chapbooks are available:

Color and its Antecedents--
Brenda Iijima
(15 pgs, $4--only two copies remain!)

Journal of Silom Chongnonsi--
Silom Chongnonsi (translated by Brian Lucas)
(6 pgs, $2)

The Frond Vault--
Vincent Blafard

Light Signal--
Brian Lucas

Nom de Plume--
Ela Kotkowska
(12 pgs, $4)

You Meng Ying
Zhang Chao (translated from the Chinese by Steve Hands)
(6 pgs, $2)

--Yuan Hongdao (translated by Steve Hands)
(5 pgs, text w/ photos, $2)

Council of Strands
--Brian Lucas
(5 pgs, text w/ drawings, $2)

All prices include postage. While supplies last. Prices subject to change w/o notice.

contact: yen_agat@yahoo.com