Saturday, July 10, 2004

Yen Agat Books

The following YAB chapbooks are available:

Color and its Antecedents--
Brenda Iijima
(15 pgs, $4--only two copies remain!)

Journal of Silom Chongnonsi--
Silom Chongnonsi (translated by Brian Lucas)
(6 pgs, $2)

The Frond Vault--
Vincent Blafard

Light Signal--
Brian Lucas

Nom de Plume--
Ela Kotkowska
(12 pgs, $4)

You Meng Ying
Zhang Chao (translated from the Chinese by Steve Hands)
(6 pgs, $2)

--Yuan Hongdao (translated by Steve Hands)
(5 pgs, text w/ photos, $2)

Council of Strands
--Brian Lucas
(5 pgs, text w/ drawings, $2)

All prices include postage. While supplies last. Prices subject to change w/o notice.



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