Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Recent Soundtracks

Future Days-CAN

Symphonic beauty. Tight percussion and subtle, but propulsive bass builds a foundation where birds, water, keyboards, and a plucked and fuzzed guitar can float. Damo sounds like he was singing through a shortwave radio transmitted from Saturn. "Bel Air" is a masterpiece.

I'll always recall the day I was walking around downtown San Francisco and found myself standing next to Holger Czukay while we waited for a red light. He had on burgundy pantaloons and was with U-she.


All Strange Beasts of the Past-THUJA

Twilight sounds emanating from plants and blue drapery. The 17 minute track on this album distills everything that THUJA has ever released on CD. Like confused Romanian gypsies traveling from an auto repair shop, to a rock hound's clattering den, to a savant's piano whispering. Strange, shimmering emerald forest/junkyard meditations on rust, broken stringed instruments, and the aforementioned rock hound's ultimate dream: stones have ears, too.


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